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Excitement, Confidence and Competition are the Three Essential Elements to a Successful Auction Event. Everything about an auction conducted by Potts Brothers Land and Auction is carefully orchestrated to provide these elements.

A successful auction will:

  • Sell your property in about 60 days or less and close in 30 days or less after the auction - without contingencies.
  • Get maximum exposure.
  • Receive fair market value.
  • You control the sales process.
  • Eliminate the cost of carrying your property long term.
  • Reach the broadest range of qualified bidders.

From listing to closing, we provide personal attention to each detail to obtain the most successful auction possible. Marketing is a key element to inform prospective buyers and achieve auction success. Once you’ve decided to sell your property, we will implement a customized marketing plan designed specifically to reach your target market.

The marketing plan will include:

  • A specific plan and schedule for ad placement.
  • Extensive direct mail, telephone, and email marketing efforts.
  • An outline of any public relation efforts used to supplement the advertising and direct marketing effort.
  • Use of Potts Brothers Land and Auction website to draw people to your property.
  • Reach the broadest range of qualified bidders.

When the marketing campaign swings into action, activity begins immediately!

  • Our staff will go to work to create custom materials promoting your property, including a high quality color brochure.
  • Display ads will be placed in various newspapers and publications depending on your target market.
  • Through our state-of-the-art database system with over 3500 names, we will select qualified buyers to whom we will mail your auction brochure.
  • A full property description and photo gallery featuring you property will be displayed on the Potts Brothers web site.
  • An “Open House” will be conducted the week before the sale for potential buyers to view your property and make note of what they are interested in purchasing.
  • Following the sale of the property, Potts Brothers personnel will meet with you and the successful bidder to sign the necessary paper work, collect the down payment, and arrange the closing, which is typically scheduled within 30 days.

Listing of property types

Residential Real Estate...
Homes and land of all sizes, types, qualities and prices are sold by Potts Brothers. We have successfully marketed and sold real estate from the most exquisite homes to a portfolio of rental units. Experienced auctioneers are essential to the successful sale of real estate. Ben and Bruce Potts bring a combination of 67 years of experience to each sale. We are also licensed real estate brokers if private listing is the method you choose for selling your property.

Development Tracts...
Throughout Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama, Potts Brothers has successfully sold thousands of acres of developed and subdivided tracts. These properties require extra time and management to successfully subdivide and get approval from the local governing authorities. This task is usually handled by Potts Brothers.

Timber Tracts...
Evaluating the value of the timber and land is essential in determining how to market these properties. Our long standing relationship with professional foresters plays an important role in handling these sales.

Industrial Properties...
Manufacturing and other buildings and properties are marketed through publications and industry related advertising.

Commercial Properties...
All types of commercial real estate, whether a stand alone auction or multi-property consignment auctions attract numerous purchasers from end users to investors. Customized direct mail pieces are developed and mailed to target individuals with commercial investment interests. We also work with other private real estate brokers to market and sell their listings.

Farmland and Livestock...
Ben and Bruce Potts are both farm owners and successful farmers. Their familiarity with farm operations equips them with additional skills for successful farmland and livestock sales. Mini-farms, cattle and horse operations are in large demand. We have successfully auctioned many of these tracts across the three-state area.

Vehicles and Machinery...
Many buyers follow our sales for farm and construction equipment. We have successfully sold thousands of items from vehicles, tractors, construction equipment and farm machinery. Once a year we hold a large machinery auction at our Rock Spring location.

Personal Properties and Estate Sale...
Liquidating an inherited estate or selling personal property can be overwhelming. Our extensive experience in estate sales can make the process much easier. We are fully equipped to handle large and small estates and liquidations. Our computerized clerking system makes tagging and itemizing the final settlement more accurate, simple, and easy to understand.